Hello Friends! So glad you are here.  I am thrilled to announce that my new children’s book, The Woodpecker’s Song, has taken flight! Check out the details on the book page along with my other two books, Return to Wake Robin: One Cabin in the Heyday of Northwoods Resorts and On a Clear Night: Essays From the Heartland.

Thanks so much for stopping by! ~ Marnie

“Rat-ta-tap-tap!” sings the woodpecker in the snowy winter woods. But what is he really saying? Or more importantly, how can the beauty of nature speak to a child’s imagination?

Seeking to open a child’s heart and mind to the creative power of observation in the natural world, The Woodpecker’s Song is the story of a child’s hike down a snowy forest road and the surprise life message a woodpecker’s tapping inspires.

The Woodpecker’s Song is the first book in the Finding Wisdom in Nature Series

“The Woodpecker’s Song is a great book that vividly captures those quiet winter adventures of youth. It’s the perfect story to read with a child by the fire.” – Kevin Jakubowski (screenwriter and author of 8-Bit Christmas)

Additional praise for The Woodpecker’s Song . . . 

“A Beautiful Look at Nature: Marnie Mamminga is a multi- talented author with two books, a popular monthly radio perspective on NPR’s WNIJ, and numerous essays published in major publications. She often writes about nature, finding the beauty of the world around her in the simple things- the stillness, the sounds, the sunsets. Now she views the winter forest through the eyes of a child with her new children’s book “The Woodpecker’s Song.” A former teacher, she includes informative facts and discussion topics for classroom use. This book goes beyond the classroom. With its beautiful illustrations by Mary Parks, it is the perfect bedtime story- sure to quiet a fidgety child and send them off to dream of the wonder of the woods.”

“A Beautiful Children’s Book: The Woodpecker’s Song is a phenomenal children’s book. It’s informative as well as entertaining. Any child would love it. The illustrations are the best I’ve seen … it’s very interesting and perfect for this book. My grandson loves it!”

“Insightful, Reflective, and Contemplative: This was fun to read with my kids. It was nice that it focused on nature and the natural world. A breath of fresh air (pun intended). The illustrations were spectacular and the story captivating. We really liked talking about the walks we go on and what we see. Highly recommend. Different than what is out there and in a good way!”

“Imaginative, Inspiring, and Educational: The beautiful message and illustrations in this book allow for young readers to imagine themselves along a winter journey while learning more about the uniqueness in one of nature’s creatures and also about themselves. This book opens the senses to the simple wonders of the outdoors and inspires readers to learn and dream!”

“Encourages a Love of Nature: A wonderful read with beautiful illustrations. It tries to encourage young people to explore and value the natural world around them. Hopefully the young readers, with their adults, will leave their devices indoors and get outside!!”