Photo Credit – Steve Schmidt

“An evening star. A pale pink dusk. Fireflies wing their way through the gloaming, the rhythmic flash of their golden lights inviting us to step out into the night. It promises to be a clear one. And so we do. Often, in the quiet of that gathering twilight, the moments of the day that brought us joy or sorrow or laughter begin to take on more significance. Sometimes a deeper understanding of our day’s experiences greets us boldly, like a full silver moon sliding up over a field or forest. Sometimes knowledge comes to us in smaller bursts, like the scattered flashes of fireflies. But most often, our awareness starts with just a stirring in the heart, like blossoming starlight. For even though we were not seeking those moments, had not planned or anticipated them, they reflect who we are, where we’ve been, and, most importantly, what we were thinking. Pausing to ponder, we discover that those seemingly ordinary experiences often transcend into moments of unexpected grace. My hope in writing these essays is that the light created when we share our similar everyday moments might dispel the shadows, illuminate our paths, and remind us that we are not alone, that we do not walk in darkness. Come, let us look to the starlight together.”
Preface from On a Clear Night by Marnie O. Mamminga