Rockin’ with women’s basketball

I am not sure who thought up the rules or why. But for those of us women who played high school girls’ basketball prior to Title IX in 1972, the game was one big joke.

For starters, you could only dribble the ball three times before you had to pass to a teammate. Not that you were covering any distance with three dribbles, but just in case you were, you had to stop at the center court line and pass to a teammate waiting passively on the other side trying to stifle a yawn. You can only imagine the speed and excitement of the game.

Because there were no competitive sports for girls at that time, gym class had to do. By the time you changed into your gym uniform, took your turn on the court, showered (why? I have no idea), you basically had enough time for a jump ball.

Did the rule makers think we girls might:

A.) Break into a sweat?

B.) Cry if we lost the ball?

C.) Trip if we ran?

D.) All of the above?

Which is why I am so loving women’s collegiate basketball, especially now in tournament time. With the fast tempo, brilliant plays, great coaching, and amazing three pointers winged through the air with the finesse of angels, now is the perfect time to watch collegiate women’s basketball if you have never followed it before.

The agility, speed, and power of these young women is so inspiring that all these decades later, I’m tempted to pick up a ball. Although I am grandmother, I bet I can do more than three dribbles. And if there was a center court line, you’d better believe I’d cross it.

I’m Marnie O. Mamminga, and that’s my Perspective. Listen to original post HERE.


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